Fetterman wears TUXEDO hoodie on date night, says marriage isn’t on the fritz

U.S. Sen. John Fetterman threw cold water on rumors about his marriage while making a fashion statement on Wednesday.

The Pennsylvania Democrat appeared to be poking fun at his critics in a photo he posted on social media that he captioned “Date Night.”

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Fetterman, 54, was seen with his Brazilian wife Gisele, 41, on his arm in the photo as he stepped out in his trademark hoodie – but with a twist.

The former mayor of Braddock, Pennsylvania was wearing a hoodie with a tuxedo design.

Date Night pic.twitter.com/JlCpxbc88f — John Fetterman (@JohnFetterman) February 1, 2024

Reportedly at a “fancy DC dinner,” the senator once again flouted rules of decorum as his tuxedo hoodie was paired with black shorts. Meanwhile, his wife was decked out for a fancy night out, and wore a black mesh sequined dress.

Fetterman very on brand by showing up to a fancy DC dinner in a tuxedo hoodie and shorts (he’s even got cufflinks on the sleeves) pic.twitter.com/zsO5uO013x — Igor Bobic (@igorbobic) January 31, 2024

Sen. John Fetterman rocking a “tux” at tonight’s Congressional dinner pic.twitter.com/PhoUxT7Spt — Emily Goodin (@Emilylgoodin) February 1, 2024

The photo was shared as rumors swirled this week over the state of the couple’s marriage. In the comments on the post, Gisele Fetterman added a cropped version of the photo with her husband partially cut out.

“Better now,” she wrote in what was likely a joke.

Better now pic.twitter.com/FwlGmEJfD8 — Gisele Barreto Fetterman (@giselefetterman) February 1, 2024

The couple has been married for 15 years, and speculation about their relationship came this week after she reportedly deleted her social media accounts.

Reports indicated that this was due to the negative comments over her husband’s unwavering support of Israel and his other views that have recently pitted him against his Democrat colleagues. Fetterman seems to have come out stronger after suffering a stroke on the campaign trail and then checking himself into a hospital for depression just weeks after being sworn into office.

While his wife’s sudden deletion of her X and Instagram accounts fueled the rumor mill, she later seemed to be back on X where she explained her actions.

I posted several months ago that i would be talking a break from social media. I was bored with it … i am a Pisces ♓️ … it wasn’t adding anything to my life .. but leaving social media is somehow more exhausting than having it?! — Gisele Barreto Fetterman (@giselefetterman) January 30, 2024

The senator himself dismissed the gossip of his marriage being on shaky ground.

“She’s right upstairs in my office right now. And this is absurd. I am not even sure why that we’d even be addressing,” Fetterman told DailyMail.com on Wednesday.

“I don’t even understand why there’s rumors because my wife clearly got tired of the online abuse from the same kind of crazies that show up at my home on Friday nights,” he added.

“So how that now can turn into there’s an issue with our marriage is outrageous,’ he added. Like I said, she’s here in town right now and everything is wonderful,” Fetterman said, calling the rumors “very strange.”

Despite the marriage speculation, the senator’s newly sported tuxedo hoodie gave X users plenty to talk about.

He finally puts on a suit! — Dustin Burnham (@dustinthedad) February 1, 2024

Agreed. Politically, I’m fine w/ Fetterman. But this whole hoodie/shorts in the Senate thing is disrespectful and overdone. And he went to all this effort (tux hoodie) when he could have put in 1/8 the effort his wife did to look decent. https://t.co/bvWjz86J2J — Online Luddite (@adup512) February 1, 2024

Idk how your wife chose you but it’s beyond me how you dress like a street bum anywhere you go. — ♠️Audsauce♠️ (@Audjuice9989) February 1, 2024

He reminds me of the kid at recess in the middle of winter that refuses to wear a coat — Astrology Troll®️ (@AstrologyTroll) February 1, 2024

He reminds me of the kid at recess in the middle of winter that refuses to wear a coat — Astrology Troll®️ (@AstrologyTroll) February 1, 2024