Folks start to wonder if Hunter Biden is trying to sabotage his father on purpose

An increasing number of people suspect that Hunter Biden’s circus-like appearance on Capitol Hill this Wednesday was a big mistake on his part.

As previously reported, Biden unexpectedly crashed a congressional hearing on whether or not to hold him in contempt of Congress for previously flouting a congressional subpoena.

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Then after Republicans tore into him for being a piece of garbage, he quickly fled the hearing like a scared coward:

BREAKING: Hunter Biden FLEES after trying to use Congress as a prop to serve his own interests — Oversight Committee (@GOPoversight) January 10, 2024

After all this hoopla, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer speculated that Biden had only hurt himself with his brief appearance at the hearing.

“In my opinion, the Bidens are the ones that got played today,” he said during a NewsNation interview. “I think that the American people saw the arrogance and entitlement of the president’s son.”

He added that all Hunter had to do was sit there quietly and answer the committee’s questions, but even that was too much for him.

“Look, at the end of the day, we have a simple question: What did you do to receive the millions of dollars from our enemies around the world?” Comer explained. “If he can answer that question, we’ll pretty much be done with him.”

“We’re investigating his father. We’re trying to determine whether or not Joe Biden is compromised because of the millions of dollars his family received from our enemies around the world. We have specific questions,” he continued.

“They said he came here to answer questions today. The first question he had he bolted out of there. So I mean, they can try to create a narrative that he was there to answer questions, but when I asked him a question, he left,” Comer concluded.


Writing for the New York Post, Benjamin Weingarten concurred, going so far as to accuse Biden of purposefully “trying to sabotage his father.”

“If the president’s troubled son wanted to draw the maximum amount of attention at the very moment his father faces the most grave political punishment one could face, of impeachment — stemming from an alleged Biden family international influence-peddling scheme that Hunter bag-manned — what would he do differently?” he asked.

“Needless to say, between Hunter’s Hill exploits, lodging of lawsuits left and right against those responsible for exposing his alleged criminal acts and frequent appearances in recent months by his father’s side, the man is not keeping a low profile. Why operate in such a politically risky manner?” Weingarten continued.

All good questions.

Maybe, Weingarten speculated, Biden and his team are trying to portray him as a victim of a “right-wing witch hunt.” After all, before he fled Wednesday, Republican Rep. Nancy Mace berated the junior Biden for having no balls but plenty of “white privilege.”

Nancy Mace blasts Hunter Biden as ‘the epitome of white privilege’ then hits him BELOW the belt via @BIZPACReview — BPR based (@DumpstrFireNews) January 10, 2024

Or, Weingarten continued speculating, Hunter is purposefully trying to sabotage his father President Joe Biden’s reelection chances.

“What if Hunter is, consciously or subconsciously, trying to undermine his father?” he wrote. “Hunter Biden is evidently prone to destructive behavior. He documented his reckless and allegedly criminal acts on a laptop, surely knowing how devastating it could be for his father if the materials emerged.”

“Was he careless and cavalier with that laptop because of his substance abuse? Or might it have been that at some level he wanted to be caught — and not only out of guilt or as a cry for help, but spite?” he added.

Weingarten then suggested that Biden resents “his father for having to shoulder the load of leading the family’s influence-peddling operation — an operation that exposed him above all others to all manner of legal peril — in the shadow of his high-flying brother?”

“What if this is all not about Hunter’s defense — but his revenge?” he concluded his column by asking.

Responding to his column, some social media users agreed, while others didn’t.


I think he was being a troll. — DK ⛔ (@907tothe703) January 11, 2024

Daddy hold back his allowance?? — Jim Angone (@jim_angone15427) January 11, 2024

I wonder if creepy Joe showered with him as well as Ashley. — GS808 (@Gunslinger8O8) January 11, 2024

Hunter begged Joe to run. To protect the family with immunity and pardons. — Michelle Clark (@Michell43925745) January 11, 2024

It would be in character for him to be destructive. He definitely isn’t helping Joe out with all this. — sorrowen‍☠️‍☠️ (@sorrowen) January 11, 2024

Wouldn’t surprise me one bit. A chance to cut the Big Guy out of the deal for once. And screw his stepmother over once and for all. — Steve Culy, Banana Republic Maquisard (@charcware) January 11, 2024