Joe Biden’s Israel posturing hides his regime’s anti-Americanism

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

The Joe Biden regime has failed dramatically to combat Iran’s backing of Hamas’s terrorism. This failure by design is consistent with displays of support for Israel that are only for political expediency.

Israel is the tip of the iceberg of the regime’s foreign-policy pattern of weakening the United States and strengthening our adversaries. The regime’s totalitarian agenda, on display in foreign policy, is contrary to our national security.

The anti-Israeli sentiments shown by the Democrats’ leftist base spring from the totalitarian strategy of polarization through demonization. This strategy divides society into the oppressed and deplorable oppressors. Supposed oppressor Israelis deserve to be slaughtered and MAGA Republicans are worthy of reeducation camps.

Energy consultants believe Iranian oil exports—about 400,000 barrels per day in 2020—are now above 3 million barrels per day. Iran has made about $80 billion from oil since Biden took office because his regime relaxed Donald Trump’s sanctions.

The Biden regime’s war on US domestic oil production inflated prices and rewarded Iranian, Russian, and Venezuelan producers. Since US production is more environmentally friendly than in those countries, green-energy rhetoric against US production is deceitful.

Willing negligence toward the Iranian dictatorship facilitated the Hamas attacks on Israel. Further, the Obama and Biden administrations have intervened in Israeli domestic affairs to undermine national sovereignty.

The Biden regime’s outward but hollow support for Israel is a show for the 2024 elections. Most Jewish Americans and other Democrats have failed to understand that Israel has no path to peace with people who deny her legitimacy.

The Hamas slaughter of Israelis demonstrates this and refutes the Democrat stance that there can be reconciliation. Democrats will forget that Israel must destroy Hamas to protect itself once legacy media run cover for the Biden regime. Even without Hamas’s use of human shields, which does not get sufficient media attention, the confrontation will yield civilian casualties, as in all wars, and flip Democrat sympathies.

The Biden regime will then revert to its passive-aggressive anti-Israel position. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s offensive mention of “proportionality” when he was with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu portends this. The regime will try to keep Israel from its goal of eliminating Hamas and continue its empowerment of Iran by not doing what Trump proved works: using US power to change the Iranian dictatorship’s behavior.

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Congress has an important role to play in the Israel-Iran confrontation. Exposing the Biden regime’s weaponization of our government abroad will reveal its totalitarian nature and betrayal. This will put pressure on the regime to act against Iran and set the stage for it to happen in earnest with a pro-America administration and Congress in 2025.

Chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee (HFAC) Michael McCaul recently said Israelis want justice. It is beyond justice; it is survival and ending brutal totalitarianism.

The Biden regime has helped install totalitarian criminals in Brazil, Colombia, and Peru. They form part of the Puebla Group, an offshoot of the Sao Paulo Forum begun by Fidel Castro and Luiz “Lula” da Silva, Brazil’s current president. They are aligning with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) to dislodge the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, and they support Hamas.

McCaul’s silence about Biden’s regime actions in the three countries contradicts his strong words against the CCP. The same goes for McCaul’s July 14 press release, which repeated State Department lies about Guatemala’s Prosecutor General’s Office (PGO). McCaul has empowered the Biden regime’s obvious electoral fraud to impose its communist puppet Bernardo Arévalo on ally Guatemala. Arévalo is anti-Israel and pro-Communist China.

The PGO answered McCaul’s press release by denouncing State Department criminality, citing facts and law. McCaul and HFAC have taken no action despite their constitutional oversight obligation. HFAC has a prior litany of evidence dating to 2010, any part of which should have provoked investigations this year into State Department weaponization of our government against Guatemala.

The House cannot successfully engage with the Israel issue while HFAC is an accomplice to the Biden regime’s weaponization of our government. The White House knows McCaul and HFAC—unlike the Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means committees—have empowered it.

Exposing the Biden regime’s weaponization of our government abroad will lead to an understanding of its purposeful strengthening of our adversaries and weakening of our allies. We must stop the Biden regime’s anti-American agenda and recover our liberty, strength, and values.

House Republicans must immediately elect a Speaker who can lead our recovery. The House under Kevin McCarthy was exposing the weaponization of our government regarding domestic issues. The new speaker must continue this and ensure the same happens regarding foreign affairs. We can then begin to rekindle our strength and values so that a new pro-American government in 2025 can reinvigorate our world leadership.