‘Just give them your house’: Deep blue city asks property owners to rent to illegal migrants

Denver property owners are being asked by the city to rent their places out to illegal Colorado migrants.

The so-called “sanctuary city” sent an email this week to property owners from migrant services imploring landlords to help the “newcomers” find stable housing at a discounted price after Denver closed down four shelters in a “consolidation” effort that’s saving the city $60 million, the New York Post reports.

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“Denver today announced the consolidation of newcomer shelter operations from seven hotels to three by early April as part of the city’s strategy to move newcomers from shelter to stability,” the Denver Newcomer and Migrant Support website announced on Feb. 28. “Individuals staying at the four shelters will be relocated to other facilities or stable housing.”

Denver property owners asked to rent to migrants by Biden administration . pic.twitter.com/ew6Dt8ZpPA — 1776 (@TheWakeninq) March 7, 2024

“The closures follow the city’s decision in recent weeks to reinstate time limits on its shelters, which were put on pause for several weeks of freezing temperatures,” according to the Colorado Sun. “The policy change led to 2,500 people leaving seven hotels and three other buildings during the past six weeks, the mayor said during a news conference.”

“The migrant crisis was expected to cost Denver $180 million next year,” the outlet reports. “The $60 million in savings announced Wednesday decreases that spending down to $120 million.”

“Nearly 40,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, have arrived in Denver over the past year,” the Sun reports, “and more than 2,376 people, as of this week, are living in city-funded hotel rooms at seven hotels and three other buildings.”

And now the burden is being hoisted upon Denver’s property owners.

“We put out a feeler to all the landlords we have connections with,” Denver Human Services’s Jon Ewing told KDVR. “Basically said, listen, we’re going to have some newcomers who are going to need housing.”

“We’ve got kind of a rent cap — $2,000,” Ewing added.

Given that Denver rent prices are 12% higher than the national average, according to Apartments.com, with a 693-square-foot apartment going for a whopping $1,680 per month, it’s a heck of an ask.

But, according to Denver Mayor Mike Johnston, the Mile High City was never the migrants’ intended destination.

“Many people, as you know, arrive in Denver never having intended to come to Denver,” Johnston said, according to the Post. “They just got put on the bus and this was their first stop.”

“We’re noticing that more folks are now aware of the volume of migrants that Denver has welcomed and that the availability of jobs and housing that had been present six months ago is not as present today,” he added.


On X, the call for property owners to “welcome” the migrants is going down like a lead balloon.

“Denver is being overrun by illegals after Democrats made it [a] sanctuary city,” wrote Libs of TikTok. “How long before it stops being just a ‘request’?”

WOW: The city of Denver is emailing property owners, asking them to house “newcomers” aka illegals over actual citizens. Denver is being overrun by illegals after Democrats made it an sanctuary city. How long before it stops being just a “request”? pic.twitter.com/OBV8J8Si9L — Libs of TikTok (@libsoftiktok) March 8, 2024

“What kind of brain-dead numpty-asses would open their doors to illegal aliens?” asked another user.

Denver pleads with property owners to rent to migrant ‘*newcomers’.(*ILLEGAL ALIENS) The city wants residents to house the illegal migrants (illegal aliens) as its closing several shelters to save nearly $60 million. What kind of brain-dead numpty-asses would open their doors to… pic.twitter.com/HPvFuZ2Mrp — Morgana Le Faye *Patriot *America 1st* (@Keltic_Witch) March 7, 2024

When I rented an apartment, I had to pass a credit check and security deposit. How come they don’t? — @aleciaalexander (@aleciaa54603929) March 7, 2024

Renting is so overrated. Just give them your house….. what are you, a racist? — 1776% Kat Black (@katinbootz) March 7, 2024