Psaki attacks ‘Trump’s friends on the Supreme Court’ as leftists fume over trial delay

Democrats are not taking kindly to the realization that Donald Trump may very well escape the lawfare being waged against him on multiple fronts in the runup to the November election — according to the former president (and logical deduction), the politicization of the American justice against him is a naked attempt at election interference.


Already nervous over President Biden’s near-disastrous showing in recent polls, the Supreme Court’s recent decision to take up Trump’s appeal of presidential immunity, which delays the start of his federal Jan. 6 election interference trial likely until after the election, has sent liberals over the edge.

MSNBC host Jen Psaki unloaded on the Supreme Court’s conservative majority over the weekend, while claiming that Trump was running for president “to stay out of prison.”

“When it comes to the criminal trials facing Donald Trump, timing is everything,” Psaki said in setting up her Democrat-friendly electioneering rant. “Specifically more time. And by taking up his claim of presidential immunity. Trump’s friends on the Supreme Court just threw him a major lifeline in the form of a delay.”

“This week, the Supreme Court announced they were taking up Trump’s absurd claim of presidential immunity, and in turn, they granted him the thing that he covets the most – more time,” Psaki wailed.

Psaki complained that the high court would not begin hearing oral arguments for seven whole weeks and exposed the strategy at play when she warned that this would “put the country in a position where people might not know if they are voting for a convicted criminal on Election Day.”

She also reminded viewers that Trump helped shape the current court, having appointed three justices during his term.

With four separate politically-motivated indictments, it seems clear that Democrats were counting on Trump being convicted of something, anything, before the election.

But they seem to zero in on the D.C. case, as seen Sunday when Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.), chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, also complained about the delay caused by the Supreme Court’s decision on CNN’s “State of the Union.”

“Their delay in considering this critical issue, this timely issue, is going to delay the resolution of these cases, by months at least,” Durbin belly-ached.

The angst Democrats are feeling is more understandable when you consider the tweet below celebrating Trump’s dismal results in this weekend’s District of Columbia primary. The left understands that Trump doesn’t stand a chance against a D.C. jury:

In a city of 700,000, Donald Trump got 676 votes in the GOP primary. A tough jury pool…. — Marc E. Elias (@marceelias) March 4, 2024