Sky News abruptly cuts to break when IDF spox refutes ‘no power’ in Gaza with facts

The liberal media is laser-focused on the “humanitarian crisis” in Gaza resulting from Israel’s effort to defend itself from barbaric attacks by the Palestinian terrorist group Hamas, which takes a backseat in the news cycle.

Nowhere was this more apparent than in an interview involving an Israeli Defense Force spokesperson about the lack of electricity in Gaza.

Sky News host Jonathan Samuels was eager to highlight an alleged inconsistency in the way Israel is treating civilians — this coming the same weekend Vice President Kamala Harris appeared to suggest Israel was intentionally targeting civilians. Yet, when IDF spokesperson Doron Spielman pointed out a flaw in his approach Samuels quickly ended the interview.

“You’re telling people where is going to be targeted next. People don’t have power to power their mobile phones. They haven’t got Wi-Fi,” the Sky News host said.

THIS IS PRICELESS! Sky News: Palestinians in Gaza don’t have electricity. IDF Official: They have enough power to film on their phones the release of hostages by Hamas. Sky News: I’m sorry we have to finish. — Hananya Naftali (@HananyaNaftali) December 4, 2023

“Well, I don’t know. I mean, I think you and all of your viewers saw our hostages being paraded through the streets as they were released to Israel over those seven nights and hundreds of Gazans holding their phones, videoing them,” Spielman said. “So clearly, there’s enough power to power their phones when they’re parading our hostages throughout Gaza. Now, that same power to their phones will be to get the maps, download the maps, look at the fliers. And don’t forget, we’re not only –“

Samuels interjected to cut his guest off, “Major Spielman I’m so sorry, we are out of time, but we appreciate your comments this evening.”

One thing is certain, there is a bigger propaganda battle being fought online than there is a military battle on the ground in Gaza — a battle that heavily favors the pro-Hamas crowd and has little time for things like the truth, according to social media users.

Here’s a quick sampling of responses to the story from X:

The Playbook: 1) “Very quickly, ask an an incriminating, accusatory question” 2) while your getting the answer, interrupt the Israeli Official and 3) announce, to the audience, “I’m sorry, we are out of time.” — JAY P (@Jaypop1201) December 4, 2023

I’m sorry, suddenly we are out of time. We don’t appreciate too much truth. — Lotus Columbus (@LotusZTerrible) December 4, 2023

Truth is always bitter. Now they are out of time. — Tony Toni Tone (@kamaley7) December 4, 2023