Sununu gives up the ghost on a Nikki Haley presidency

New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu (R) appeared on Fox News Sunday to hype his candidate of choice in the 2024 election, Nikki Haley, arguing that if Donald Trump is the 2024 Republican nominee America would see Vice President Kamala Harris become the next president of the United States.

President Joe Biden’s cognitive challenges hit the front page last week following the release of a report from special counsel Robert Hur, who described the 81-year-old president as an “elderly man with a poor memory,” and further characterized Biden’s memory as “hazy,” “fuzzy,” “faulty,” “poor,” and having “significant limitations.” If Biden is ultimately the Democratic nominee and prevails in November, few believe he will be able to serve his full term.

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Pushing polls that show Haley would defeat Biden in November, Sununu offered this prediction, “The fear is that if Trump is the nominee, ultimately Biden wins, and the next president of the United States is actually Kamala Harris. That’s a reality of the domino effect that Trump would have in America.”

WATCH: New Hampshire Governor @ChrisSununu on the GOP primary as Nikki Haley and Donald Trump prepare to battle it out in South Carolina. — Fox News Sunday (@FoxNewsSunday) February 18, 2024

Fox News host Shannon Bream highlighted reporting that suggested Haley’s attacks on Trump are helping Democrats, and after acknowledging that “statistically there’s almost zero chance” Haley can win the nomination, she asked Sununu, “Why continue to do things that are going to help President Biden in the general?”

“First, there’s not a ‘zero chance’ that she’s going to win the nomination. That’s nonsense in itself,” Sununu clapped back. “This is a primary, everything always gets chippy. If you go back to 2016, everyone had their shots at Trump and all that and it played out and this is the same context.”

Ignoring the polls, the governor said that Trump does not “deserve a free ride.”

“This is about getting the nomination at this point and battling it out and calling the candidates for what they are,” he said. “And letting folks know that, when they vote for someone, who are they actually voting for? What are they actually saying? What’s rhetoric there? Where are these policies going to go?”

“That is all absolutely fair game and should be on the table for folks to make their choice,” Sununu continued. “And to say we that we’re just going to do two or three states and call it a day, that’s crazy. That’s a bunch of Trump sycophants just praying that the former president gets a free ride. He hasn’t earned a free ride, he doesn’t deserve a free ride.”