Trump’s solution to ‘reverse’ every Biden disaster, ‘Put me back in office… we’ll get it done quickly!”

Former President Donald Trump has a quick solution to reverse every disastrous policy put forth by his successor, President Joe Biden.

“Just put me back in office,” Trump said Saturday at a rally in Dayton, Ohio.


The presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee was speaking about the historic crisis at the border that was largely orchestrated by Biden, who reportedly signed 94 executive actions on immigration in his first 100 days in office. Subsequently, people from all over the world have flooded our southern border by the millions.

“People are pouring into our country — probably 15 or 16 million people. That’s almost larger than any state we have in the union, and they’re coming in from places you don’t want to know about,” Trump said. “So, we’re going to fix it again. But boy, what a mess, what these people have done to our country. It’s almost hard to believe.”

“Frankly, the fastest way to reverse every single Biden disaster is to very simply, just put me back in office. We’ll get it done quick. We’ll get it done very quickly,” he added.

“Just put me back in office, we’ll get it done quickly!” — President Trump in Dayton, Ohio — RSBN (@RSBNetwork) March 16, 2024

Trump touted his success in the GOP primary at the rally and made an appeal to “disillusioned Democrats.”

“We clinched a thing called the Republican nomination for President of the United States,” he said. “And to all Republicans, independents, and disillusioned Democrats, of which there are many, I invite you to join our movement to save our country.”

“We’re going to save our country,” Trump insisted. “This is the greatest movement in the history of our country.”

When it comes to Trump, his supporters love him with just as much passion as those who hate him bring to the table. Perhaps more.


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I love our President Trump. Crying with happiness to hear him. He is incredibly strong. No fear. No weakness. Only positivity and love! — Tiffany Virili (@TiffanyRogato) March 16, 2024

Amen!! Let’s get it done — Dom H (@dom1n1ck24) March 16, 2024 — John Francis (@John_ONeill1213) March 16, 2024

I love watching President Trump rallies. So much love!!!! and so happy!! — Monica King (@dezertdiva1) March 16, 2024