Tulsi Gabbard warns Biden of a ‘big problem’ in his epic Trump rematch

Tulsi Gabbard is warning Democrats that they have a “big problem” with the less-than-dynamic duo of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as they get ready for a presidential rematch with former President Trump.

The former Democrat spoke on “Fox & Friends” Wednesday and asserted that voters are quite aware that the Biden administration has been an utter “failure.” She referred to the president’s atrocious policies on crime and the border… both topics near the top of Americans’ concerns as they ready for a presidential election this year.


“They’ve got a pretty big problem because more and more Americans are recognizing what a failure the Biden-Harris administration’s policies are for the American people,” Gabbard stated.

“This is not something that’s limited to Republicans, but they’re Independents and Democrats who are very frustrated with the most basic things… There are folks across the country who are… recognizing that this administration has stood for an open border policy that’s made our communities less safe and causing incredible pressure on our country with millions of people illegally entering our country,” the former Hawaiian congresswoman pointed out.

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“They’re recognizing, as we’re seeing in some of the election results last night at the local and the state level, that the ‘defund the police’ policy of this administration has failed horrifically, recognizing that there are very real consequences to their lives, the safety of their kids, their kids’ opportunity, and that is that has come about as a direct result of the failure of this administration,” Gabbard added.

Trump trounced Nikki Haley on Super Tuesday. She withdrew from the presidential race on Wednesday, paving the way for the former president’s GOP nomination. It appears that Trump and Biden will face off a second time. This time, however, Biden has been found wanting as a leader and even some Democrats are supporting Trump instead of the current occupant of the White House.

Gabbard alluded to the stark differences between Trump’s and Biden’s records. She even went so far as to accuse the Biden administration of lying to gin up support.

“I think the biggest issues on the minds of Americans today are revealing the contrast between what Biden has done to this country and… where we were as a country under President Trump,” she contended. “I think a lot of the exit polls show that the foremost issues on people’s minds are the economy and the border… and on both of those issues, there is such a huge contrast between the record of President Trump and the record of President Biden.”


A young woman in Georgia was murdered by an illegal immigrant who was set free twice—once when he illegally came into our country, and again when he was arrested shortly thereafter. If he wasn’t here, Ms. Riley wouldn’t have been killed. Kamala Harris and leaders of Dem Elite… pic.twitter.com/vwEw9tIKKF — Tulsi Gabbard (@TulsiGabbard) March 3, 2024

“I hope [what] people are recognizing is how offensive the Biden-Harris administration’s approach is to the American people, where they can advocate for these policies for the last three-plus years, and now all of a sudden, policies that have made our country worse, not better, made our way of life worse, not better, and now all of a sudden, flip the switch and think we are so stupid to believe the lies that they’re telling us just to get our votes,” she asserted.

Gabbard is far from alone in warning that the Biden White House is in deep, deep trouble. Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) also voiced the same sentiment claiming that there is “no resetting [Biden’s] campaign.”

“If you look at the border crisis, on the economy, on the handling of crime, on the handling of national security, President Trump has a double-digit lead, in some cases, over 30 points on each of those main issues,” she told “FOX & Friends” on Wednesday.

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“This is the stage that Joe Biden is going to step on. For the State of the Union, there is no resetting his campaign. There is no resetting the failed administration he’s had on those key issues that are important to voters,” Stefanik continued.

The New York conservative pointed out that Trump is in the “strongest position ever” as the country hurtles toward Election Day.

“The voters have made the decision even before Super Tuesday that President Trump is their strongest candidate to defeat Joe Biden this November,” she remarked. “So we need to come together and unite, and Republican voters have done that loudly and clearly. We are very focused on making sure that we support President Trump and his campaign and defeat Joe Biden this November to save our country.”

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