We Must Recognize Totalitarianism and Unite to Defeat It

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

All House Focus Must Be on Exposing the Destruction

The Biden regime has demonstrated in words and actions its totalitarian nature. It will steal our liberty if we let it. We cannot defeat an enemy we do not understand.

Debating normal political differences facilitates the Biden regime’s power grab. Removing Kevin McCarthy as House speaker was an example of what we must avoid. McCarthy was firmly engaged in investigating and exposing the Biden regime’s weaponization of our government, the key element to defeating totalitarianism.

Government spending is a necessary topic of debate, but there is not sufficient congressional support—let alone in the executive—to do anything meaningful about it. A government shutdown would have been another distraction from Biden totalitarianism. Other than unavoidable business, all House efforts must be to expose Biden totalitarianism as a precursor to defeating it.

The Biden regime is undermining democracy at home and abroad. Domestically, using the government against its political enemies should upset even supporters of the Biden regime. This sword can fall on anyone, even Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ).

The Barack Obama Justice Department charged but could not convict Menendez of bribery. They prosecuted him for opposing Obama’s Iran nuclear deal. The Biden regime, still run by Obama, charged him again because Obama is a Chicago gangster. This explains the Democrat modus operandi—including block voting—which should worry patriotic Democrats.

Biden regime defenders might say the Menendez case is legitimate. However, they cannot escape the fact that if Menendez were an insider, like Hunter Biden, he would not have been charged.

Examples are legion of Biden weaponization: its January 6 obsession; targeting parents concerned about school propaganda; and protecting pro-choice demonstrators who violate the law while persecuting peaceful pro-life protesters. The pattern is to prosecute political enemies without evidence while stretching the law to protect allies regardless of evidence.

The Biden regime has also supported totalitarians throughout the world: it gifted $85 billion in military equipment to the Taliban; it has accommodated China as much as possible without triggering bipartisan opposition; it has funded Iran by not enforcing sanctions; and it has helped install totalitarians in Peru, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia.

The regime is now perpetrating an obvious electoral fraud in Guatemala to install its communist puppet.

All of this strengthens America’s enemies. This will present challenges to the next administration and a Congress that will hopefully be pro-America. If the Democrat regime fails to steal the 2024 elections, weakening us now will facilitate their return to power.

Support from the Biden regime’s leftist base for Hamas’s attack on Israelis is a result of purposeful polarization of our society. All human beings, regardless of politics, should be repulsed by and reject such savagery, fanaticism, and psychological disorder. This will only grow if we fail to recognize and confront totalitarianism.

The Biden regime’s declared priorities—climate change and equity—are anti-American, totalitarian giveaways. Their undeclared but obvious policies, including open borders and identity politics, coincide with the totalitarian goals of destruction and transformation.

By equity, the Biden regime means eliminating inequity or so-called injustice, which to them is unequal outcomes. We can only aspire to be equal before the law. Nature precludes equality of outcome. The Biden regime’s politicization of justice, on full display, shows it does not subscribe to equality before the law. It uses equity as an excuse to redistribute income and favor some groups over others—in other words, identity politics.

Identity politics is collectivism, the opposite of individualism, which is based on Creator-granted rights that the government cannot abridge except through due process of law. In collectivism, the individual has no rights, and the state is totalitarian: mother, father, and teacher. Those who say parents should have no say in their children’s education are totalitarians.


2022 Nobel Prize physics laureate John Clauser says CO2 “is not at all significant in controlling the earth’s climate” and that it is a beneficial gas. Clauser calls climate change “very dishonest disinformation.” He and more than 1,600 professionals signed the World Climate Declaration, which asserts “There is no climate emergency.”

The regime polarizes us by making climate change undebatable. Suppressing dissent is totalitarian. Human advancement requires debate and free speech. The regime harms our economy and security by making climate change a core policy for the Defense Department and other agencies

The Biden regime’s war on domestic fossil fuels has lowered production and raised prices, enabling our enemies—such as Iran, Venezuela, and Russia—to produce more energy. Since our energy is much cleaner than theirs, climate change cannot be the motivation. It is transformation by destruction.

In almost three years, likely 10 million immigrants have illegally entered the country, including terrorists and criminals. No nation can exist without borders. The Biden regime has misused asylum, for which only a tiny minority of the new immigrants qualify. This can only be deliberate and more transformation by destruction.

The common thread in the Biden regime’s domestic and foreign policies is destruction of our country. We must return to our universal founding principles.

We must support House leadership and insist it stays focused on exposing weaponization of our government both at home and abroad. It has been doing a good job at home and has been absent abroad, which must change.