Whoopi and ‘The View’ stressing hard over ‘uncommitted’ Michigan Biden protest vote

Pro-Hamas activists in Michigan sent a message to President Joe Biden that he’d better bring Israel to heel in Gaza or else and some are already getting jitters about the November election including Whoopi Goldberg.

The protest vote led by Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and her little sister was a resounding success and while the octogenarian Democrat still easily won, there were over 101,000 “uncommitted” votes showing a deep dissatisfaction with Biden’s not forcing Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu into a ceasefire.

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Goldberg and her fellow co-hosts discussed the results on Wednesday’s edition of “The View,” the popular IQ-draining ABC daytime talk show that is a daily window into the left-wing lunacy that’s been a pox upon America.

Whoopi tells the pro-Hamas voters in Michigan to get in line behind Biden and warns them that they’re “in danger of seeming like a one-issue voter.” She suggests “uncommitted” voters are trampling on the right to vote that others have fought for. pic.twitter.com/gowoC3TsVI — Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) February 28, 2024

“The question people are asking is what will this impact of these uncommitted voters be and have in the general election,” Goldberg said. “I personally don’t know but I have to tell you that you’re in danger of seeming like a one-issue voter, and that’s not I’m pretty sure where people are at.”

“I understand you’re upset…,” she continued. “But you know, either we’re gonna fix it together or we’re not. And the other guy is not gonna fix it at all,” referring of course to Republican frontrunner Donald J. Trump.

And since it’s Whoopi, she found a way to insert the race card.

“I’m just saying that when you think about one-issue votes, you have to realize that in our world we’re all sort of connected to all of this so this isn’t a one-issue vote,” she said. “Listen, you don’t have to like the person but you have the right to vote for the person that you want.”

“That’s all good, but to have a non-committed vote for me is…is hard,” the race-baiting co-host added. “Because I know how hard that people fought to get the right to have their voices heard. Make your voice heard but…but..but.. you know, stand up for what you’re saying.”

The protest vote, which judging by the reaction at the table served its purpose by spooking Biden and his surrogates as a brief catfight broke out between the co-hosts.

“He got the message!” Sara Haines exclaims, suggesting that now’s the time to rally behind Biden. She argues that what Biden is doing on Israel is saying “I know what’s right here and I’m going to stand true to that even in an election year.” “And I love him for that!” she says. pic.twitter.com/adiB1DoPya — Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) February 28, 2024

Not to be outdone, Joy Behar, the queen of asinine takes repeated the hyperbolic rhetoric of Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI) who claimed that Trump would drop a nuke on Gaza.

Joy Behar parrots and gives credence to an INSANE conspiracy theory from Democratic Congresswoman Debbie “Dingbat” Dingell (MI) who claimed that Trump would have “nuked Gaza” if he was president. “It’s not that farfetched because he’s crazy,” she declared, without evidence. pic.twitter.com/bz6F5aZaPw — Nicholas Fondacaro (@NickFondacaro) February 28, 2024

“When push comes to shove and it’s Biden versus Trump, these same people I believe that Trump had a Muslim ban on this country,” Behar said, a big fat lie about Trump’s sensible travel restrictions from a list of countries known to be terrorist hotbeds and that he is “now adding Palestinian refugees.”

“They have to understand that if you vote for Trump it’s even worse,” she insisted. “He would nuke them,” Behar added, referring to the scatterbrained Democrat’s ridiculously overwrought remarks.

“If Hamas had done this under a Trump presidency, I’m not sure that he wouldn’t have just nuked Gaza, to be perfectly frank,” Dingell said during a Tuesday MSNBC appearance.

There is understandable dread that Tlaib and her band of angry Muslim voters could nuke Biden’s reelection hopes if they fail to turn out later this year in the critical battleground state where Trump’s support has been growing by the day.