Arizona GOP primary turns ugly

Things got heated in the Republican primary race for Arizona’s eighth congressional district as contenders Blake Masters and Abraham Hamadeh ramped up rhetoric and attacks.

As Rep. Debbie Lesko announced she is retiring from Congress, Masters and Hamadeh stepped into the race to take her seat in the GOP-dominated district. While the two men ran together on the America First ticket in 2022, Hamadeh went on to lose his bid for attorney general and Masters lost his reach for the U.S. Senate.


While former President Donald Trump endorsed the candidates in their last races, he has now bestowed his coveted endorsement on Hamadeh who has called on Masters to step out of the crowded primary. But Masters pushed back with a personal jab at his rival, calling him an “anchor baby” in a post on X.

“What does dishonest Abe Hamadeh believe?” asks the voiceover in a new political ad by Masters.

The video shows an image of Hamadeh, the son of Syrian immigrants, over a background of mosques and minarets and later, features a picture of him in Mecca wearing clothing donned by Muslims on a pilgrimage.

Did you know Abe Hamadeh was an anchor baby? He was born to parents who were in America illegally after overstaying visas. Is that why he supported amnesty and birthright citizenship? We will tell #AZ08 the truth: — Blake Masters War Room (@MastersPress) April 3, 2024

“Dishonest Abe supported Chuck Schumer’s amnesty bill, maybe because Abe’s parents were illegal immigrants. Dishonest Abe said women have the right to abort their babies,” the video’s narrator said.

“Dishonest Abe supported cuts to Social Security, Medicare and the military. Dishonest Abe said America was founded on Islamic principles. He even said Israel was behind 9/11,” the ad continues. “Arizona can’t trust dishonest Abe Hamadeh.”

The candidate responded in a post on X featuring a clip of actors Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis from the 2012 comedy film, “The Campaign.” This caught the attention of Arizona Senate candidate Kari Lake, who wrote, “Too funny!”

Too funny! — Kari Lake (@KariLake) April 3, 2024