Have You Heard of the Christian Coffee Company that Gives Back to Pro-Life Nonprofits?

Drink coffee, save lives. That’s the mission of Seven Weeks Coffee, a Christian company making strides in the pro-life movement. With their commitment to supporting pregnancy centers across the nation, they’ve already donated $280,000 to over 700 organizations.

Motivated by his Christian values and desire to make a difference in the marketplace, Anton Krecic established Seven Weeks Coffee to bring a values-based business to the coffee market. With major coffee brands across the country promoting left-leaning ideologies, Christian conservatives can now support a company that shares their values. 

From their website:  

Seven Weeks Coffee is a values-based business. We hope you can join us by allowing your coffee to serve a greater purpose. Together, we can cherish every beating heart.

10 percent of all sales are donated directly to life-saving pregnancy centers throughout the United States. 

“Pregnancy care centers are the hands and feet of the pro-life movement. They are on the frontlines, helping women in need and defending life. It takes practical resources to meet families at their point of need, and we are privileged to help in a tangible way,” Krecic shared with the Christian Broadcasting Network.  

Drink Coffee Save Lives

Even the name “Seven Weeks” carries symbolic weight. At seven weeks, a baby is roughly the size of a coffee bean, a powerful representation of the sacredness of life that Anton and his team strive to uphold. 

Seven Weeks Coffee offers a range of options from light to dark roasts, single serve coffee pods for Keurig users, and decaf whole beans. If you’re looking to keep the coffee flowing every month, they also offer monthly subscriptions. 

All coffee is sourced through Direct Trade, which is widely acknowledged as the most ethical means of obtaining coffee. Seven Weeks ensures their farmers receive compensation higher than fair coffee trade regulations. 

Anton’s vision of infusing his Christian values into the coffee business has translated into a successful venture providing ethical coffee to the world. 

Seven Weeks Coffee embodies the principle of: 

Drink Coffee, Save Lives

By supporting Seven Weeks, you actively participate in providing resources to women and families in need.