Rapper Snoop Dogg who once depicted mock assassination of Trump changes his tune

The power of pardons brought new “love and respect” for former President Donald Trump from one rapper who’d infamously parodied the GOP leader’s assassination.

The businessman turned political figure has often spoken to the widespread admiration he’d once had before making his 2015 trip down the escalator in New York City’s Trump Tower to kick off his first White House run. Once among that lot, 52-year-old rapper Snoop Dogg, born Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., recently returned to favoring the president citing one particular final-hour pardon.


“Donald Trump? He ain’t done nothing wrong to me,” said Snoop during an interview with The Sunday Times. “He has done only great things for me. He pardoned Michael Harris.”

“So I have nothing but love and respect for Donald Trump,” added the celebrity.

Harris had founded Godfather Entertainment, the parent company of Death Row Records which the rapper signed with, left and then ultimately acquired in 2022.

Like many in the entertainment industry, the artist had gone from participating in carefree roasts of the famous billionaire on Comedy Central to capitalizing on Trump Derangement Syndrome early in his administration in the video for the single “Lavender” where he pointed a gun at a clown made to look like the president.

“Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!” Trump had reacted on social media.

‘Jail time!’ President Trump just responded to Snoop Dogg’s video https://t.co/pfC9nRv22q pic.twitter.com/ekwAWpbOC5 — BPR (@BIZPACReview) March 16, 2017

Distaste for the president continued throughout his term and in 2019, Snoop encouraged government employees not to support Trump’s re-election in a rant that included the claim, “he doesn’t give a f*ck about y’all.”

In 2020, he continued his vocal opposition and could be seen in a clip saying, “Donald Trump is a fcking weirdo. If you voted for him, I don’t have no problem with that. But if you’re still with him, fck you.”

Snoop Dogg has a word for Donald Trump supporters pic.twitter.com/gjxfL9GDjf — XXL Magazine (@XXL) June 10, 2020

In leaving the Oval Office, Trump had included Harris on his list of pardons which stated at the time, “Mr. Harris is a 59 year old who served 30 years of a 25 year to life sentence for conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Mr. Harris has had an exemplary prison record for three decades. He is a former entrepreneur and has mentored and taught fellow prisoners how to start and run businesses. He has completed courses toward business and journalism degrees. Upon his release, Mr. Harris will have a meaningful place of employment and housing with the support of his family.”

Reacting to the news, the New York Post reported Snoop saying in 2021, “That’s great work for the president and his team on the way out. They did some great work while they was in there and they did some great work on their way out. Let them know that I love what they did.”

“It is amazing what the work of God can actually bring to life to make people understand that there is a God,” added the rapper.

Trump had yet to comment on the remarks, but did share a report about them on Truth Social and, while falling short of an official endorsement leading up to the 2024 general election, the kind words appeared to represent gains for the campaign in broadening appeal beyond the conservative base.

Social media users reacted to the rapper’s latest take with reminders about how many people liked Trump before he was turned into a Hollywood pariah.

Rappers first wrote lyrics glorifying Trump. Then, they spent years demonizing him through their music and videos. Now, they’re realizing they were right the first time around. Welcome back. Trust your instincts. — Town Square (@XTownSquareX) January 28, 2024

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When TDS clears and objectivity returns the choice is clear. — Graeme Reid (@graemeyreid) January 28, 2024