Kennedy’s conclusion a wake-up call

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

Robert F. Kennedy, Junior’s recent assessment of President Joe Biden’s being “a greater threat to Democracy than Donald Trump” did not go over well in Democrat circles. Yet it forced a lot of Republicans beset with “Trump Derangement Syndrome” to reevaluate their options. Ditto for Democrats hoping for a party push toward the middle.

“Censorship” is the watchword. In Kennedy’s thinking, “utilizing the Justice Department, FBI, CIA and other government agencies to pressure big business, big tech, and the corporate media to silence critics” is a “greater threat to Democracy than protesting the outcome of an election.” Especially an election that was as disputed as the 2020 election proved to be!


While the SCOTUS failed to hear Brunson versus Adams, the question continues to linger. “What was the harm in making sure that we had the election right, once and for all?” After all, all Congressmen and Senators took a loyalty oath to “protect and defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.”

Then Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell could have forced it, but he didn’t. Why? Perhaps it might have confirmed what many of us already knew. That Washington D.C., the land of career politicians and Uni-partiers, is a cesspool of corruption.

Current Democrat Methodology Reminiscent of the Soviet Union

It wasn’t that they didn’t have elections in the Soviet Union. They did. It was a “one-party democracy.” The party members would choose the best candidate. This is the exact approach utilized by today’s Democrats. They decided that Joe Biden was the best choice to continue running the government. Never mind the fact that other Democrats, including Kennedy, took exception to many of his policies.

Most disquieting was the party’s decision to not hold debates. This stands as a contradiction to Democrat’s traditional position of “having an open forum for policy differences which are the by-product of a “big tent” party that welcomes all.”

True, Donald Trump declined to debate. The remaining candidates did debate and with it came a deepening of understanding of the overnight transition of today’s GOP. Once a party of big business, they have transformed literally overnight to the party of the working family.

Conversely, Democrats are now seen as the “party of the elite.” Never forget! They did have an elite class in the Soviet Union, contrary to popular opinion. We are now seeing that this same system has become embedded in both our Bureaucracy and Academia.

No Tolerance for Differences

Kennedy’s differences on government-mandated COVID vaccines, Ukraine engagement and above all, censorship, drew scrutiny from most of the party brass, including members of his own extended family. A close friend of mine, who happens to be a lock-in-step Democrat referred to RFK, Jr. as “an asshole.” Ironically, his views on vaccine mandates, Ukraine and censorship would have been applauded by his father and his uncle.

Censorship and the very thought that an American President, whether cognitively whole or not, should be challenged by Americans. No matter their political affiliation, censorship should be considered an insult, an affront to all Americans and our Democratic Republic!

It has been proven throughout the annals of history that the first step toward a totalitarian government is the removal of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and freedom of assembly. We have seen it all and more. As Alt-right podcaster, Juan O’Savin coined, “we have endured a near death experience.”

Time to Pay the Piper

No matter what one might think of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., or Donald Trump, neither have suggested that we use government to suppress free expression in America. Biden’s camp has. They had no problem, shutting down debate aspirations for those who might challenge the existing party establishment and their narrative.

We could see it coming in 2012 with the Democrat’s advent of the “super delegate.” The circle is now complete. To this day, Bernie Sanders supporters contend that they both won the 2016 nominee and would have won in 2020 had the “party leadership” not intervened.


Weaponizing the administrative state is still another thing. The Heritage Foundation has identified the bureaucracy’s composition as “95%” Democrat. Academia is likewise composed of a one-sided “93%” Democrat. This kind of disparity makes possible the implementation of censorship.

A correction? Previously, it was the universal conclusion that “if you do not like those in leadership, vote them out.” Unfortunately, it’s not that simple! Career politicians and Uni-partiers are reluctant to “rock the ship.” They see the president and party in charge as “ambassadors to the administrative state.”

I was greatly encouraged by Vivek Ramaswamy’s idea to “vote on term limits while assuring incumbents that their seats would be grandfathered in.” Nobody is going to fire themselves from the best job in America! But they might pass such legislation if it applied to a predecessor.

For those currently in charge, America must come to terms with what has transpired. Are we willing to make certain that it never happens again? If so, then we must consider including the death penalty for all involved. Beginning with Joe Biden.