Kinzinger says history books will blame Speaker Johnson if Ukraine loses the war

No media discussion about the situation in Ukraine would be complete without another asinine take from disgraced former GOP congressman Adam Kinzinger.

The whining ex-lawmaker served up another doozy, claiming that future historians will blame House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) if Russia goes on to win its war with Russia, a territorial dispute that most of the U.S. Congress cares more about than the crisis at their own southern border.

With Congress returning from Easter break this week and all eyes on Johnson to move forward on the $60 billion giveaway to the Zelenskyy regime, Kinzinger babbled about the historical significance of the Speaker’s role during a “CNN Newsroom” appearance on Sunday.

(Video: CNN)

“What do you think he should do? When they return,” CNN anchor Jessica Dean asked.

“Well look, here’s what I think he should do. I mean, he’s going to survive. I would put dollars to donuts he’ll be the speaker at the end of this term,” Kinzinger replied. “Now, he’s either gonna survive by succumbing to the, frankly, the terrorism of Marjorie Taylor Greene,” he said in a smear of his former colleague who has introduced a motion to vacate.

“Any time you know anything wants to get done, she’s going to hold this threat over his head, or he can survive by cutting a deal with the Democrats,” he continued. “Now he has to think about his conscience because I gotta tell you, if Ukraine loses this fight, he will be the guy in the history books that are written about why Ukraine lost this fight.”


“He will be, they won’t necessarily say that he’s the one that pulled the aid, but he’s the one that could have done something which changed it,” Kinzinger said. “And, you know, as he’s developing whatever this package looks like, you know, there’s talks of loans and I guess there’s some potential agreement with that but I think we need to recognize the fact that Ukraine…it’s not us helping Ukraine, Ukraine is helping us by fighting to defend themselves against one of our chief competitors and, frankly, enemies in this world.”

“So he needs, If I was him, I would come back, I would put the Senate bill on the floor, or next case is just strip the Israel portion out of it, since that’s a little more controversial, pass it and either send it back to the Senate or send it to the president to sign and have your conscience clear and let the Ukrainians defeat the Russians on the battlefield,” he advised the embattled Johnson.

Kinzinger’s suggestion would not only remove any funding for Israel which is locked in an existential struggle against the terrorists that want to destroy it – and Democrats who would seemingly be ok with that – but also give the full $60 billion to Zelenskyy without any strings attached. And certainly not a dime to stem the illegal alien invasion that in a sane Congress, would be the top priority.

Johnson has held out for months but is almost certainly going to cave on some version of the Ukraine funding with it having been floated that the money would be sent under the pretense of loans that will never be paid back and with maybe a crumb or two for the border to placate his fellow Republicans.