‘Penetration testing’: Lara Logan continues to uncover chilling info on Baltimore bridge collapse

Award-winning investigative journalist Lara Logan revealed Wednesday that the Baltimore bridge collapse was likely a purposefully planned event designed to achieve certain goals.

Based on her expert sources, these goals may have included “testing” for vulnerabilities in America’s defenses and also setting up the conditions for an even worse future event.


She revealed all this in a lengthy tweet posted to the social media platform X.

BALTIMORE UPDATE: Analysis from specialists in predictive behavioral analytics, counter-terrorism, hazardous materials, maritime attacks, cyber, national security & intel – this is their view: Based on their training & experience, they believe this was two types of operation:… — Lara Logan (@laralogan) March 28, 2024

“Based on their training & experience, they [her sources] believe this was two types of operation: 1) ‘Penetration testing’ where they are probing/testing to identify vulnerabilities in our responses and defences, AND 2) a shaping operation to set the conditions and prepare the battlefield for a potential future event,” she wrote.

She continued by citing her sources’ concern that “other critical infrastructure disruptions/hits” that recently occurred may have also been preplanned events designed to weaken America.

“For example, the Ohio chemical disaster, train derailments, fires at food processing plants etc when taken in isolation do not appear to be that significant but when taken together, could indicate shaping or stacking operations that are paving the way for a bigger event where they do any number of these types of operations together,” she noted.

She added that the “bigger event” may very well wind up paralyzing the United States, which raises a critical question: “When will they trigger a multiple episode that causes the paralysis effect?”

“Some of the indicators are how many incidents have occurred within ‘a relatively short timeline’ & what they see as the departure from what is ‘normal,'” she wrote.

pic.twitter.com/80HvJkQxze — Lara Logan (@laralogan) March 28, 2024

As for the Francis Scott Key Bridge fiasco, Logan’s sources believe “those in charge” will make certain that the investigation into the bridge’s collapse “goes nowhere quick.”

“[O]ne of the goals here is to give the public mental anesthesia while they test this, using train derailments or exposure to chemicals in Ohio where they told everyone to shelter indoors – to ask questions like: Did they comply? Is this going to successfully deceive & cause behavioral change?” she explained.

Meanwhile, “those in charge” are expected to use the media’s naïve complicity to hide the truth of what happened and instead prop up the government’s contrived narrative that this was all just an accident.

They “do not want the facts analyzed because they do not want people processing the truth. Truth naturally leads to questions they do not want asked,” Logan pointed out.

But it would be “foolish and naive at the expense of national security not to question the Government narrative on the Baltimore bridge crash given the level of corruption in spheres of power and influence in this country today,” Logan’s sources argued.

Just hours after the bridge collapsed. FBI – accident Mayor – accident Governor- accident Biden regime – accident. Me – thanks, now I’m positive it wasn’t an accident. — Catturd ™ (@catturd2) March 27, 2024

Continuing her post, Logan theorized that the GPS signals of the Sri Lanka-bound container vessel “Dali” that collided with the Francis Scott Key Bridge had likely been hacked through “spoofing.”

“It would have led them to believe they were not as close to the bridge as they were and may be why in the video you see the crazy lean to port and then to hard starboard as they realized they were not on course in spite of the GPS indicating they were,” she wrote.


The investigative journalist concluded her lengthy post by listing the tactics — “engineered complexity,” “processing decoys,” and “variance” — used to deceive the public.

All this comes a day after Logan blew up the Internet by reporting that the Baltimore bridge collapse “was a 9/11 style attack” committed through “cyber terrorism.”

Appearing on Steve Bannon’s “War Room” podcast, she further expanded on the bridge’s logistical significance in routing trucks up and down the eastern seaboard as well as how its collapse cut off one of the busiest ports in the United States.

“This is what you call death by a thousand cuts. It is an absolutely catastrophic attack on critical infrastructure and you cannot see it because a cyberattack is unseen, just like the attack on 2020 on the voting machines that you cannot see,” she told Bannon.


Lara logan sounds the alarm on the baltimore bridge collapse. Those who are on the inside,critical infrastructure, DHS, and Intel agencies know this is a cyber attack on the critical infrastructure of the US pic.twitter.com/rOA6CCCyub — karma (@karma44921039) March 27, 2024