Bipartisanship is impossible with enemies of the republic

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author.

The Joe Biden regime’s elevation of Guatemalan President Bernardo Arévalo to star status is emblematic of its corruption, deception, and contempt for Americans. Anyone who bemoans the toxic congressional environment and advocates bipartisanship is failing to identify the regime’s attacks on our institutions and culture.

Any Republican congressman who turns a blind eye empowers the regime and weakens efforts to restore US values and liberty. There can be no common cause or bipartisanship with the current Democratic Party. The regime’s attacks on US exceptionalism include censorship, politicization of justice, and tacit promotion of Antifa, BLM, and other violent actors. Most obvious and egregious is the regime’s failure to apply the law that has resulted in open borders, chaos, and crime.


Arévalo’s predecessor Alejandro Giammattei complained he was thwarted by Biden’s officials at every step in fighting illegal migration. Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas was in Guatemala on March 21, and Kamala Harris and Biden received Arévalo at the White House on March 25. All three cynically hailed Arévalo, inaugurated on January 14, as the solution to “irregular” migration.

The regime promotes Arévalo because he is its puppet, placed in office through a State Department (DOS)-led electoral fraud. A Guatemalan civic association reports that “Arévalo’s officials have already committed crimes in their tenure’s first 72 days. Ignorant of government processes, they follow US dictates.”

The regime, DOS, Arévalo, and their servile NGOs, media, and international organizations have accused Prosecutor General Consuelo Porras of illegally investigating registration and electoral fraud by Arevalo’s Semilla party. Porras was obligated by law to act on complaints filed about both. Her ministry found more than 8,000 fraudulent Semilla affiliation forms and about 2 million first-round votes—35 percent of the total—without legal support. A judge authorized the searches that uncovered the evidence.

Porras’s ministry also uncovered that the electoral authority had uploaded votes to its electronic system from the early morning on election day and throughout the day before the polls closed. Ignoring the public evidence, Harris stated, “the United States was proud to stand with you, Mr. President, following a free and fair election and throughout your transition.”

During the period between the June 25 election and the inauguration, the Biden regime and partners falsely accused Porras’s ministry of criminal actions to keep Arévalo from office. Unable to deter Porras or force her resignation, local groups aligned with DOS blockaded her offices and roads and vandalized her house. DOS and the White House called these peaceful protests and successfully bullied Guatemala not to enforce its laws that would have prevented Arévalo from taking office.

Mayorkas stated, “The United States stands with President Arévalo and his fight for democracy against the forces of corruption, and for the people of Guatemala. We are inspired by, and grateful for, his leadership.” Harris told Arévalo, “Your election has brought a sense of optimism to the people of America and around the world.” Biden discussed with Arévalo “good governance, effective migration management, [and] the importance of upholding democracy.”

On September 29, then President-Elect Arévalo posted his pride in attending the Puebla Group Summit and representing Guatemalans. The Puebla Group was founded in 2020 by so-called progressives. In its 2023 meeting, Venezuelan Vice President Delcy Rodríguez commended the group for confronting US sanctions against Venezuela. The group explicitly backed Arévalo “as he and his party face efforts to ‘sabotage’ the transition of power.”

Mayorkas’s, Harris’s, and Biden’s statements about Arévalo are Orwellian lies. The Biden regime’s imposition of Arévalo on Guatemala will facilitate the flow of illegal migrants, drugs, and weapons to the United States. According to the referenced Guatemalan civic group, the regime illegally installed Arévalo to facilitate these illegal flows.

The Biden regime’s foreign policy is to support US enemies and undermine US allies. Although less prominent, the foreign policy undermines us as much, or maybe more, than the regime’s domestic assault on our liberties.


The House Oversight, Judiciary, and Ways and Means committees have been investigating and exposing Biden regime corruption and weaponization of government. Oversight Chairman James Comer stated on August 20: “We are facing obstruction like it’s never been demonstrated in the history of congressional investigations. Not only are we being obstructed by the Biden legal team, we’re being obstructed by the Department of Justice, the FBI, the Secret Service, the IRS, and the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee.”

At the beginning of the 118th Congress, 146 Democrats voted to create a select committee regarding Communist China, and 109 Democrats denounced “the horrors of socialism.” Despite appearances, these Democrats were not acting in a bipartisan manner. They fail to see that the Biden regime’s domestic policy is socialism and that its foreign policy is to favor China.

The actions Comer described make bipartisanship with Democrats a ruse. Bipartisanship for Republicans today is a surrender that facilitates the Biden regime’s destruction of our constitutional republic.

Republicans have a razor-slim House majority and must do their best to preserve that and hold the federal government accountable. They must, however, communicate that the choice on November 5 is liberty and prosperity with a new administration or tyranny and destruction with the current regime.